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BTEX Halloween operation gluttonous

2019-10-31 14:00:00

Dear BTEX users,

The annual Halloween carnival will begin, in order to give the majority of users a perfect Halloween experience, BTEX exchange and the whole market (BTEX) project side to hold "action of the gluttons" themed activities;

The main contents are as follows:

Party date: November 1, 2019 (Halloween)

Target users: all registered users of BTEX (complete C2 certification); Market makers, project parties, and OTC merchants can participate

Content of Party: BTEX jointly prepared 111,000 USDT and TOKEN of the project Party for a random lottery.

Party rule: this lottery is conducted randomly, and all users who meet the requirements have a chance to win the lottery.

What do you need to do?

You only need to add customer service WeChat :BTEX002 to receive the activity poster and forward it to the circle of friends.

Attention: winning users in the award, customer service little brother little sister will check your circle of friends, if you did not send, so you can not get the award oh!

After the Party is over, the winning user will receive a call from the little sister of BTEX customer service. Please keep the call unimpeded.

Note: little sister customer service will not ask any questions about the account and personal privacy information oh, beware of criminals fraud oh!

The final interpretation right of this activity is owned by BTEX

Activities should be simple, clear, not mixed with benefits; Come on, let's party



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